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The Kepler Telescope and the earth like planets

Launched by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) in 2009, the Kepler telescope, named after the astronomer Johannes Kepler, is a telescope aboard a space observatory in a heliocentric orbit trailing Earth. With a much higher field of vision than the Hubble telescope, the telescope is designed to survey a portion of the Milky Way with the specific objective of determining the properties of planets beyond the Solar System. The Kepler telescope utilizes a photometer as its sole...

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Why data analytics should be part of the scientific domain

The application of data analytics in big data in India would lead to sharing of scientific information and progress by connecting knowledge centres all across the nation.

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Concept Counter: Grasping big data the easiest possible way

Big data is huge, unwieldy data that is made easy to manage by the use of an algorithm. It is useful in providing multi–layered information that till now was hidden from the human eye.

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Private Indian Spacecraft to host 3 Indian Teams in Moon Mission

In a first of its kind, Bengaluru based space technology start-up TeamIndus is all garnered for its first private moon mission, scheduled in December.

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The five basics of GIS Components

As an Earth -Scientist, basic components of Geographical Information System (GIS) you must know. Components - Hardware, Software, Data, Methods and People.

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NASA Finds India’s First Lunar Probe Chandrayaan-1

NASA's new technology has helped find India's long-lost lunar probe, Chandrayaan-1. The probe was found orbiting above the Moon surface at height of 200 km

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The 17 Indian Earth Observation Satellites

With advancements in satellite technology, India has one of the largest constellations of Earth Observation Satellites and expanding Earth/Space resources

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Ten Best Open Source GIS Software

GIS software are not only for academicians, researchers and scientists. Explore GIS yourself. There are various open source GIS software available for you.

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Breaking Records – The ISRO Way

With the successful launch of 104 satellites from a single rocket on February 15, 2017 at  9:28 AM IST, ISRO has managed to once again prove to the world that no matter what goals are set for it, ISRO manages to blow them all to smithereens. By effectively managing the launch of 104 satellites in one go, and by one rocket, ISRO has beaten every other space agencies record by a large margin. For comparison, now the second place for most satellites in one go goes to the Russian Space Agency. The Russian...


Landscape Profiles Made Easy

You have spent your summer holidays in this beautiful island with green-forested hills and babbling brooks. Photographs that you have taken are unable to capture the enchanting panoramic view of the island. You want to recreate the landscape and impress your friends. Well, here is a hands-on solution. The things you need, A ruler A pair of setsquares A pencil A few sheets of paper Run safety checks before you begin. One, that you have all the benchmarks of the area, Two, that all the lines...