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PV Efficiency Grounds India’s Solar Ambitions

“Today, when the energy sources and excesses of our industrial age have put our planet in peril, we must turn to the sun to power our future,” these words of  the Prime Minister Narendra Modi resonated among the 122 countries addressed at the International Solar Alliance (ISA) in Paris (TOI, 2015) in November, 2015. India thus committed itself to become the ‘sons of the Sun’- notwithstanding a paradigm shift in the nation’s solar energy sector and its revised goals. However, back home, a cursory analysis of the ambitious solar programme of India reveals a hollow and disappointing picture. The trajectory of India’s solar mission, especially in rooftop solar is dismally low (Geography and You, 2017). But, even greater is the imminent threat of flooding the country with a huge environmental burden – the volume of which we haven’t even begun to comprehend, let alone compute. India is fast emerging as...

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