IRIS Publication Pvt. Ltd. undertakes a gamut of responsibilities and turnkey projects in English and Hindi along with, LIGHTS, a non-profit research and analysis factory. A group of likeminded, research oriented people, belonging to different government as well as private organisations are part of this research group. The focus of the organisation is to work as a research unit for technical newsletters and help create documents and relevant material useful for organisations in the fields.

Conducting Case Studies / Field Studies and related film making

G’nY has been conducting various case studies / field studies for projects, funded by government and other departments. From preparing a questionnaire, to field deployment, data analysis and report writing, G’nY can handle the entire project with ease in our areas of research. For every engagement, we assemble a team, with consultants and experts with the most appropriate experience and expertise. The report can be envisioned along with a film, which can highlight the issues that the organisation wishes to highlight in the report.

Documentations / Books: Editing, Designing and Printing

G’nY has edited, designed, printed and dispatched various books and documents under the guidance of our esteemed expert panel in the areas of our research. For the noble task that books do for the society they deserve to be authentic, up-to-date and accurate, along with the attributes of a good quality of print. We are able to meet the requirements on all counts and our publications are of internationals quality. Our portfolio covers a wide range of genres: Science, Technology, Humanities, Geography, Disasters, Health, Life. etc. In keeping with our commitment to publishing quality content, we offer editorial expertise and resources, along with a commitment to market each book through strong and focused strategies and through every viable distribution channel.