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  1. Sir/madam ,
    I have written some article over the issue of DEGRADATION OF ENVIRONMENT AND ITS ADVERSE IMPACT ON HUMAN BEING.Sir if you ask then I will send it to you for publication. I eagerly waiting for your reply.

  2. now the emergency like situation has taken place….rise of temperature on land as well as on ocean demand for collective effort to handle pace of climate change

  3. This is going to be a big issue in coming years. No body is bothered to report on this. National Media all around is focused and busy is congratulating the scientist for launch of new satellite. But no one is thinking about the disaster in the waiting. Just thinking this gives me shudders that one day suddenly all our communications will collapse or navigation system won’t work.
    Thanks for timely article. Hope more attention is paid towards eliminating the debris then just saving our satellites.

  4. Supee analysis…it better and mind set improvement… Haryana is the first but all other states too perform better and put out such same data..

  5. It seems like I’m constantly hearing about other ways in which we’re polluting our environment. It makes me sad to read about all of the harm we’re doing – especially to our atmosphere. I’ve been doing plenty of studying over the last year or so, and I was probably most surprised to hear that the EPA has discovered that the air inside of the average home in the United States is actually 2-5x dirtier than the air outside. Combined with the data that healthy adults can exchange up to 70,000 liters of air a day, it seems like a reason for worry about the ongoing pollution of our environment. How can we expect to stay free of illness – no matter how well we try to live and eat – if we’re steadily breathing in chemical pollution and contaminants?

  6. Leave your message…papikonda national park is in Andhra pradesh ..not in Arunanchal pradesh

  7. Papikonda national park is in andhra pradesh not arunanchal pradesh.kindly correct the mistake.

  8. Hii l’m Vikash. Many many thnks of u to posting such a inspirational page regarding women contribution to save environmental condition……….I also support the women team who are playing their significant role to save human being……a lots of thnks to all the women association…

  9. can you please give explanations to the answers of the quiz? it’D be a great help
    thank you

  10. Thanks G’nY for publishing these life saving technique of water conservation. Happy to see about Eri(Tanks) of Tamil Nadu finding its place in this list.
    Whenever a king wins a war or he has new child born, or during king or prince birthday, these tanks were built as per history. Since Monsoon gives more rain, trapping these rain water is very practical solution. Unfortunately many eris are being converted to buildings thru real estate and people only need water but not ready to save water,building in Eris. To avoid Water War definitely all these systems should be revived and made use of.

  11. There is urgent need of enhancement of Minimum Support Price from current Rs. 1470 as per recommendation of CACP and Swaminathan Committee. Besides, enhancement of MSP, Central and State government should ensure hassle free procurement of rice and establish post harvest management facility in the country.

  12. this site has some problem. is there any other way out to download my issues. as i am trying to read it now but i dont understand, everything other then this is working very properly.

  13. The Indian scientists that published this hypothesis stole it from me. He sent me an email and ask if he could publish my work. I said yes if he would put my name as the second author. He said his group would not allow him to share credits with me. I said well don’t publish my work as though it was your idea. But the crooked scientists did anyway.
    My name is Captain David Williams. I am the Chairman of the Deafwhale Society, the oldest whale conservation group in the world. We don’t steal the work of others! Do all Indians steal?

    • Sir, we will request the scientists quoted in this text to kindly let us know the basis of their research.
      However, it is deeply disturbing to see you write about all Indian’s stealing. A brief glance into the history of the nation would show you who stole from us and what they did with it.

  14. Leave your message…पोल्युसन कंन्ट्रोल बोर्ड को सक्रिय होनेँ की जरुरत ? मढी सुरत गाभणी नदी मेँ सुगर का पानी ?

  15. Very nice article
    We All India Adiwasi Employees Federation are organising one day session on state level to discuss various issues among tribe
    If you are interested to participate please contact me
    Ravindra pusam

  16. Can yu provides us interview videos of sufferer from zika in Ahmedabad of India
    Plz as soon as possible its urgent …

  17. Very educational post. Stress is a silent killer and it is great that there are natural ways to manage this condition. Ashwagandha is a perfect solution for stress-free life.

  18. very good article but not updated , telangana to kab ka ban chuka hai..kindly update your article if it is paid..

  19. Leave your message…Sir, on the contract, the names and addresses of companies who have been cultivating Basmati and Wheat on the contract are not disputed.

  20. LA
    Agrmet service rendered by Reliance Foundation in India. At various stations is highly admirable since it useful for many farmers of the country.This service should be extended to other places of the country. Dr P.A.NarasimhaRaju Raju(Doctorate in Agromet from A U).

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  22. Leave your message…I would like to contact the author for more details of the article.
    Thank You

  23. The fluorides levels as per WHO is 0.59 to 1.5 mg/lt, where as article shows lesser the better. How can we accept this. fluorine is essential for increasing the bone density and to avoid depletion of enamel in tooths. So, tooth decay is avoided.

  24. River Luni does not fall in Arabian sea, it disappears into Runn of Kuchh. Please correct the article.

  25. My name is Vignesh, Project Associate at NCSCM. I have an issue with the published infographic and wanted to confirm the total number of species that you have provided in the image. It was given 3111 at the centre but if you sum up the individual values , it comes upto 3261 and not 3111. May I know the actual values of the species.

  26. Many thanks sir, my utmost appreciation for the hard
    work of your team, i am a regular visitor to your site indeed,
    i thought to, (out of courtsey) provide some suggestion and feedback of my own , would
    be thankful if you could reply or recognize my suggestions to make
    this website more content oriented .
    Rana Duggal.

  27. Is this Gorakh imli tree? There are very few trees left. Wherever these trees are found they should be protected.

  28. I totally agreed with you. Air Pollution rapidly increasing all across the country that requires collaborative action plan from both the government and pubic.

  29. What are the causes behind the hot water springs. It seems to me that geo thermal heat that reach close to the surface of the earth make the ground water hot enough and through the cracks the water comes out as hot water spring …

  30. These days are very important as the students , faculties, environmentalist are aware about the importance of biodiversity.

  31. A very well written articles. Useful case studies are there especially for UPSC aspirants.
    Thank you Geography and You

  32. This is the very good magazine apart from other magazine related to Geography. I think that this is the very helpful to us along with all students, who read Geography.

  33. भूगोल और आप पत्रिका काफी अच्छी है और इसके अंक परीक्षाओं विशेष रूप से आईएएस और राज्य सिविल सेवा की परीक्षाओं के लिए बहुत महत्वपूर्ण हैं. पत्रिका की पेज काफी अच्छी हैं. हिंदी पत्रिकाओं में ऐसे पेज नहीं मिलते।

  34. I am from Jharia and people are living here with coal fire. Their homes are like a fire furnace. They are still waiting help from the government so that they can get homes and employment.

  35. earth hour is a great event and everyone on earth should celebrate it by turning off light. with this, we can save so much electricity as a whole.
    thanks for sharing info.

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  37. Nice article but being a professional meteorologist,I differ with the guest on his comments about the percentage of ppt. Ladakh receives especially on WD & Monsoon contributions, which are not true..

  38. Most of the people in Kathmandu don’t know there are urban refugees of nine communities living in the city. (Pakistan, Afghanistan,Sri Lanka,somalia,Myanmar, congo, iran,iraq,bangladesh)

  39. Very nice article on Indian climate, and even all are very prestigious articles in Bhugol aur Aap, such a motivational magazine.
    Thanks for such initiations
    Narendar Kumar

  40. Respected sir,. A lot of conservation and management funds are spent in activities like increasing artificial waterholes and forage availability to increase animal populations.
    works with local communities and governments to establish and manage protected areas and wildlife sanctuaries.

    To survive, dholes will need good science, public attention, political will and way more funding.
    A new study has found that expansion of protected areas in the Western Ghats has not helped Dhole for extinction.kindly do something for the same Thanks. Yours sincerely. Deepti Mittal

  41. Respected sir,.
    To survive, dholes will need good science, public attention, political will and way more funding.
    A new study has found that expansion of protected areas in the Western Ghats has not helped Dhole for extinction.kindly do something for the same.
    Thanks. Yours sincerely
    Deepti Mittal