health risks of air pollution

Air Pollution as a Health Risk in India


Author: Staff Reporter

Issue: Healthcare Perspectives (108)

Date: 1st May, 2018



Rising levels of air pollution are posing a health hazard to people worldwide. In 2016,
exposure to ambient PM 2.5 caused 1.025 deaths in India. The ill-effects of air pollution are mostly borne by low and middle-income countries that lack the means to combat or monitor the rising levels of air pollution. While a number of policies to combat air pollution exist, improper implementation leaves us gasping for the most basic of human needs – air. Even when a major part of the country fights with poison in the air, the debates of various fora usher in nothing new in terms of policy. Whilst development is necessary for the growth of a nation, the health of the masses cannot be compromised. Rigorous implementation of policies and guidelines are required to provide clean air to all.


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