Servicing Skill Development

Servicing Skill Development Requires Employer Participation




The challenges to skill development for employers in India are immense. For half a century after independence, India hardly had a skill development system in place. Vocational education was practically non-existent in schools until the mid-1980s. The industrial training institutes (ITIs) that were formed in the early 1960s barely grew in number until 2007. It was only after rapid GDP growth during the 2000s that led to a serious shortage of skilled staff that the Indian government began to respond. By 2004-05, only 2 per cent of the workforce had received formal vocational training. Given the enormous challenges involved in servicing skill development in India, it is imperative that employers be involved in the process as well. This involvement has to go well beyond the adoption of ITIs by CII and FICCI and has to take many other forms.


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