Recent Developments in Shore Protection for India’s Coasts




The Indian coastline spreads over 7,500 km and is endowed with a wide variety of ecosystems, rich habitats and biodiversity. The coastal environment plays a vital role in the nation’s economy by virtue of its resources. These areas, however, are also facing complex issues due to increasing human population, urbanisation and accelerated developmental activities. Of the several threats faced by India’s coast, concern related to coastal erosion reigns high. The coast comprises multifaceted processes that are interlinked by many physical systems—both offshore and onshore. Coastal erosion is a physical process as it entails the removal of beach sand that is either returned to the sea or redistributed on the adjacent coast. It finally results in the landward shifting of shoreline. Coastal accretion is another process, opposite to erosion that enhances beach growth and seaward shifting of shoreline. The processes of accretion, erosion and sediment transport play a major role in defining coastal geography.


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