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Environment in India

Date : June 2014

About the Book

The book brings together the perspectives on environmental concerns that India needs to address urgently. It comprises of articles by various scientists and experts that cover topics ranging from pollution and biodiversity to policy interventions and energy. The compilation is especially useful for students and researchers who are looking for contacts and up-to-date information on India’s environment.

People, policy and environment

Urbanisation and Environment – Dr Pranati Datta
Urban Environments Peri-Urban Issues – Prof David Simon
Rural-Urban Divide in Health Status – Dr Srinivas Goli
Regional Approach to Municipal Solid Waste
Management – Amiya Kumar Sahu
Wastewater Management in Urban India – Dr R M Bhardwaj
Risks and Challenges of Sustainable Waste
Management – Dr Sanjeev Agrawal
Bloody Plastics – Sulagna Chattopadhyay
Bloody Plastics : Part II – The
Alternatives – Sulagna Chattopadhyay
Greening Urban India Through its Buildings
Green Rating System For Schools
Livelihood and Changing Social Values in
Lakshadweep – Vineeta Hoon
The Lost Villages of Ranthambore – Sulagna Chattopadhyay
Inland Waterways: The Ecofriendly Network – Ravi Kant
Houses of Mud
Ecotourism for the Coral Islands of India – Sulagna Chattopadhyay
Tourism and Environment : A Symbiotic
Relationship – Kamal Kishore Srivastava
Vanishing Languages and Endangered Ecosystems – Dr Anvita Abbi


Conservation : For the Rich, By the Rich – Sulagna Chattopadhyay
Sustainably using Biodiversity Man-Animal Conflict: A Rising Concern – Kamal Kishore Srivastava
Integrated Coastal and Marine Area Management : The ICMAM Programme Eco culture and Biodiversity – Dr F B Mandal
Lakshadweep: State of Environment – Dr V Sampath
Wetland Conservation Coral Bleaching in Lakshadweep – Dr T T Ajith Kumar, Dr S Prakash and Dr T Balasubramanian
Fresh Water Turtles of the Ganga – Sandeep Behera
Big Cat Conservation – Biba Jasmine Kaur and S Chattopadhyay
Seagrass Meadows and Conservation – Dr P Kaladharan, Dr K P Said Koya and Dr Bindu Sulochanan

SECTION : 3 Energy

Energy, Emissions and India – Dr Sanjib Pohit
Electricity Regulation in India – Dr Ramrao Mundhe
Grid Management Planning for Power – Utpal Moral
Pricing and Energy Choice – Dr Sanjib Pohit
Smart Grid in India – Navneet Gupta and Apurav Jain
Power Reforms in India : an Opportunity for GIS – Dr Ajay Srivastava
India Hydrocarbons Vision 2025, Refineries in India, Natural Gas in India, Natural Gas Pipeline Policy, Energy Conservation in Telecom Buildings – Subendu Ghosh
POWERTEL : the Emerging Telecom Giant Rural Electrification in India : Exploring Possibilities – Dripto Mukhopadhyay
Climate Change and Renewable Energy Hydropower Development in NE India – Dr Sharad Jain
Wither Big Dams, Long Live Big Dams : the debate continues – Prof Saraswati Raju
Ocean Energy Sources Ocean Technology for Islands – Dr Kirubagaran and Dr Ramana Murthy
Energy from Algae Electric Vehicles vs India’s Energy Security : Emission Scenarios – Akshima Ghate and Megha Kumar
Zero carbon mobility : Cycling in Urban India – Anvita Arora and Parvesh Kumar Sharawat
Education and Energy Conservation – Dr Mandakini Das

SECTION : 4 Pollution

New Environmental Issues – Dr B Mukhopadhyay
CNG and Pollution Air Pollution in India – Sulagna Chattopadhyay
PM2.5 Vs PM10 : What is a better measure?
The Dirty Ten, The Carbon Cycle, Managing India’s Hazardous Wastes – Sulagna Chattopadhyay
Living Rivers: Environmental Flows – Dr Ramrao Mundhe
Chemical Industry Safety in India – Dr Muzaffar Ahmad and Amit Tuteja
Plastics Waste Management: Case Studies By ICPE Eco-Friendly Plastics – Dipanjan Ghosh and Sreeparna Ghosh
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