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The Carriers Emagazine

Date: May – June 2014

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The Indian transport industry issue enunciates pressing issues that plague the sector – absent multi-modal systems, inadequate use of technology and the need to create a user-friendly logistics base. India’s rich use a large amount electricity to power various appliances; they build larger structures necessitating more material usgae; they encourage the establishment of energy guzzling shopping and entertainment centres; they purchase multiple vehicles and are significant users of subsidised diesel; they occupy a fraction of space in the car but a significant amount of space on the road; not to mention  the fact that they neither mandate energy efficency nor treat the pollution they cause in their factories and workplaces. India has been engaging internationally in the rich vs poor country debate. It is true that rich nations around the world grew without really worrying about environmental degradation-poor and middle-inceome countries such as ours do not have that luxury. It is thus perhaps time, to examine the consumption patterns of India’s rich-and perhaps time to adopt the polluter pays policy internally.


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