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The advance of Climate Change could mean that melting glaciers and diminishing ice sheets in the Polar regions could only be the tip of the proverbial iceberg. With Climate Change raising average global temperatures by 0.8 oC since 1880, and with a rise in temperatures in the Antarctic Peninsula of >2.5oC in the last 40 years, the consequences could indeed be much more complex and devastating both to ecosystems and for humans. Ecosystems in the Earth’s Cryosphere i.e. the habitats on Earth consisting largely of frozen matter, will be the first to show signs of Earth’s changing climate, and can be seen as a barometer of not just how Climate Change is advancing in our time, but also of how well we are responding to its challenge. This issue investigates this aspect of Climate Change with some interesting insights and novel research to serve as a useful primer on Climate Change and the Cryosphere. The issue also looks into other related issues such as the inefficiency of Chinese-imported solar cells in India and how a climate model had successfully predicted the recent spate of cyclonic storms that occurred over the Arabian Sea and many more.


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