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Farming to Live

Date: March – April 2012

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Indebtedness and farmer suicides, genetically modified crops, endosulfan poisoning, alarmingly declining water table, eutrophication of water bodies to declining productivity and impacts of a changing climate – the world of farming does not seem as green. These mentioned issues are the reason for this magazine. The issue covers how farming is actually done instead of how it should be done. Mustard one of the world’s most ancient spices, is believed to have first cultivated in India around 3000 BC, and later taken to Europe by the romans. Mustard is an annual herb and has 3 major species – Barissca hirta, Barissca juncea and Barissca nigra. The total production of mustard in India was 7.7 MT and yield 1179 kg/hectare in 2010-11.


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