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Waterways Emagazine

Date : September – October 2015

About Issue

The Waterways Issue of G’nY focuses on challenges to the water transport sector India. From pitfalls to ambitions of the Indian maritime sector are highlighted using valuable inputs from the experts in the field. The present government is all set to boost commerce along waterways and thus the G’nY Waterways issue is dedicated to celebrate the effort. If the government’s ambitious plans of turning 101 water bodies of India into national waterways is realized, it would substantially ease the pressure on road and rail transport thereby reducing logistics cost of the country. The issue explores public-private partnership required to boost Inland waterways in India and also outlines the ‘Jal Marg Vikas’. India needs severe remodeling if navigability is to be enhanced culminating in the creation of state-of-the-art terminals, modal links and night navigation facilities and more. India’s inland water sector’s biggest challenges are to maintaining the 2.5 m depth in waters for navigation along with the vertical and horizontal clearances for navigation required along river courses for large vessels. The second section of the issue highlights the concerns of the shipping sector. New age low emission fuels, better designated large vessels and well managed ports are India’s primary needs. The waterways issue just evinces the tip of the iceberg that warrants further analysis.


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