Cyclones in India

Cyclones in India


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Cyclones in India Magazine

Date : September – October 2014

About Issue:

The Special Issue on Cyclones in India (G’nY September-October 2014) provides valuable insights into genesis, track and intensity of tropical cyclones. The issue has a wide range of invaluable articles that range from the prediction capacity of India to aspects of disaster management in pre and post cyclone scenario. The issue begins by enhancing common understanding about what is tropical cyclone is, with a succinct feature by Ajit Tyagi, Koteshwaram Professor, MoES, and moves beyond to outline the history of tropical cyclone research, warning system and observation network with insightful articles by various eminent scientists, foremost being M Mohapatra’s (the head of the cyclone division at India Meteorological Department) article ‘Forecasting tropical cyclone’,. Apart from the features by scientists, a special career section as well as an excursion section has been added especially for students.

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