The Nitrogen Cycle


Vol NO: VOL. 11, ISSUE 69,

"Nitrogen is an essential element which every organism needs for adequate growth and function. Nitrogen is found in all amino acids, incorporated into proteins and present as bases that make up nucleic acids such as deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) and ribonucleic acid (RNA). In plants, much of the nitrogen is used in chlorophyll molecules which are essential for photosynthesis and further growth. Although 78 per cent of the atmosphere comprises of nitrogen gas, it is relatively inert. It cannot, therefore, be used directly by most living organisms until it is converted into nitrates or other nitrogen compounds. However, certain bacteria in the soil and cyanobacteria in the oceans are among the few organisms that are independently able to carry out this conversion. Nitrogen fixation The conversion of atmospheric nitrogen into a form readily available to plants and hence to animals and humans is an imperative survival step in the terrestrial nitrogen cycle 

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    Nitrogen is an element vital to all life processes on Earth. It comprises of 78 per cent of the atmosphere, and is embedded in every living tissue. It is a component of amino acids, proteins and nucleic acids. With the exception of carbon, nitrogen is the most universal element of life.

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