Agricultural Calculations Decoded


Vol NO: VOL. 12, ISSUE 71

"The output per unit of input may be termed as productivity. In agricultural context, productivity is defined as yield per unit area where input includes arable land, labour, capital and more. Productivity however masks the socio-economic or value dimension as it is quantitative and a physical measure. In fact increase in agricultural productivity is related to choice of inputs, their relative quantities, the agricultural techniques used and skill of the labour. Normally various crops are grown in an agricultural area, sometimes at the same time, which differ in nature, quantity and quality over regions. Crops are thus quantified on the same level to measure the contemporary level of farm production as conventional units, calories, monetary values, etc. (Box 1). The states of Punjab followed by Himachal and Haryana show a high intensity of cropping. As per the Food and Agricultural Organisation (FAO), the global agricultural cropping intensity stood at 93 in 1997-99 and is projected to rise to 99 by 2030. Cropping intensity is derived by dividing the total cropped area of the state by the net sown area of the same state. An intensity of 100 percent indicates that all of the state’s cultivable area is under the plough. If however the intensity is

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     The Indian agricultural scenario is experiencing a series of changes since the green revolution. Here is a brief essay that outlines concepts of how agricultural calculations are undertaken - agricultural productivity and efficiency, crop combination, degree of commercialisation, diffusion of innovation and more, to help comprehend the agricultural scenario with lucidity.

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