Artificial Recharge and Sustainable Management of Groundwater


Vol NO: VOL.12, ISSUE 73

"Chhattisgarh with nearly 4 per cent of the country area is the 10th largest state of India with a population of 2.6 million (Census 2011). Physiographically, it consists of plateaus of Bastar in the south, plains in the centre and hills in the north. Chhattisgarh experiences a subtropical climate with mean monsoon rainfall of 1240 mm. The main rivers of the state are Mahanadi and its tributaries Seonath, Hasdeo Mand and Arpa which drains the western, central and northern part. The river Indravati and Sabri, tributaries of Godavari drain the southern part, while Son, a tributary of the Ganga drains the northern part. Other minor basins include Narmada and Brahmani. Geologically, Chhattisgarh comprises of litho units ranging in age from Archaean to Recent. Nearly 58 per cent of the State is covered by crystalline and metamorphic rocks, around 27 per cent by rocks of Chhattisgarh group of basins, nearly 12 per cent by semi-consolidated Gondwana sediments and remaining 3 per cent by Deccan Traps, lameta, laterites and alluvium. Groundwater occurs under unconfined condition in phreatic aquifers and under semi confined to confined conditions in the deeper aquifers. Chhattisgarh, an agrarian economy, depends upon groundwater as monsoon is fairly erratic in the area. Althou

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    K C Naik, S K Verma, J R Verma and M M Sonkusare

    With the increase in demand, withdrawal of groundwater has increased manifold over past few decades resulting in the long-term decline in groundwater levels. A higher rate of withdrawal over several years with heavy pumping coupled with rapid urbanisation has reduced the natural recharge of aquifers. Rainwater harvesting and guiding the non committed surface runoff to a depleted aquifer are ideal solutions for mitigating the problem

    The authors are Regional Director, Scientist C, Scientist B and Scientist C, respectively; Central Ground Water Board (CGWB), North Central Chhattisgarh Region. Email:

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