Community Based Disaster Management


Vol NO: VOL. 14, ISSUE 83

"Community is the first responder in natural as well as human induced disasters. The initial hours after a disaster, especially the first golden hour, are very crucial. Hence there is a need to build the capacity of the community which can be especially difficult in developing countries like India where education levels are low, people are poor and the community has more pressing priorities like eking out a living. It is thus a challenge for the authorities and concerned organisations to mobilise the community consisting of diverse individuals and groups.

CBDM Approach: Community based disaster management (CBDM) is a bottom-up approach which is universally accepted as a tool to prepare communities for disasters. There are numerous examples of successful CBDM in countries like Peru, Bangladesh and Philippines. The capacity of a community is built in the CBDM approach to assess its vulnerability and develop strategies and resources necessary to prevent and mitigate the impact of identified disasters as well as respond, rehabilitate and reconstruct in the post-disaster period. This approach has become crucial due to the effects of global climate change, burgeoning population moving into more vulnerable regions and a heightened recognition of a need f

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    Angeli Qwatra and Nina Khanna

    If the capacity of a community to face the perceived disasters is developed before the specialised responders arrive, many lives could be easily saved and infrastructural losses minimised.

    The authors are founder Chairperson, Philanthrope and research scholar, Manav Rachna International University, Faridabad, respectively.

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