Socio-Economic Profile of States


Vol NO: VOL. 14, ISSUE 85,

"Population Kerala is the best performing state in terms of the two indicators decadal growth of population (4.9 per cent) and sex ratio (1084) and is well ahead of other states. Andhra Pradesh is a distant second in terms of population growth and third in terms of sex ratio with Tamil Nadu in second place in terms of sex ratio. Bihar has the highest decadal growth of population (25.4) and Haryana the lowest sex ratio (879).  


Bihar is the best performing state in terms of growth rate of both gross state domestic product (GSDP) 2012-13 (15.1 per cent) and average GSDP 2005-06 to 2012-13 (9.9 per cent) and also per capita income growth 2012-13 (13.9 per cent). Madhya Pradesh is another state that has performed well. Gujarat and Kerala are the other two states that have performed well and is well above the all India average. However, in terms of absolute values of GSDP and per capita income, Maharashtra and Haryana respectively are at the top. There is no single worst performer in terms of all these indicators. While Tamil Nadu has the lowest growth in GSDP 2012-13 and Assam the lowest average GSDP growth, Rajasthan has the lowest per capita income growth in 2012-13.   Poverty Poverty estima

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    Staff Report

    Inter-state comparisons of socio-economic development of select states based on available indicators from the recent Economic Survey of India show some interesting results.

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