Corporate Social Responsibility and Climate Change


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"Climate change is an environmental challenge confronting all countries across the globe in varying degrees of intensity. Across Africa, Asia, North and South America and Europe, the adverse effects of climate change have manifested over the years as ozone layer depletion, continental global warming, shower of acid rain, extended fires, melting ice, rise in sea level and other extreme events which calls for urgent actions at national and international levels.

The developed countries with large industrial plants and manufacturing companies have experienced the threats of climate change, and their policy-makers are working tirelessly at mitigating the adverse effects of solid waste contamination and carbon/gas emission from industrial plants on people, plants and planet. However, unfortunately it is the developing countries that are most vulnerable to climate change and associated environmental disasters as they cannot do much to mitigate these threats because of the domestic challenges of poverty, bad governance, terrorism, hunger, diseases and institutional corruption.

A number of affirmative actions and recommendations that had been formulated at national and international level to combat climate change include eco-vigilance, conservation of the flora and

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    By Raimi L, Akosile O K and Adebanwa A

    CSR can be an effective tool for mitigating climate change. It is the duty of corporations to redress climate change through environment-friendly manufacturing techniques, adoption of a green, transparent policy and environmental disclosure.

    Author is Senior Lecturer, Centre for Entrepreneurship Development, Yaba College of Technology, Lagos, Nigeria.

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