The National Policy on Education


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"The University Education Commission was appointed in November 1948 under the chairmanship of Dr Sarvapalli  Radhakrishnan. The  Commission examined university education in India and suggested improvements to shape the system. It identified the aims of university education to include maintaining a high standard in professional and vocational education, preserve and develop the culture and civilization of the land, provide leadership in politics, administration, education, industry and commerce, among others. The Indian Education Commission, popularly known as the Kothari Commission, examined in greater detail all aspects of the education sector in India from 1964 to 1966. Based on the recommendations of the Commission, the first National Policy on Education (NPE) was announced by Indira Gandhi in 1968, which dealt with training and quality of teachers for schools; stress on moral education and inculcation of a sense of social responsibility; equalisation of educational opportunity for all sections of society; introduction of work experience, manual work and social service as integral part of general education and science education and research. The policy envisaged to shape education in a manner where focus was put on learning of regional languagesâ€&

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    Staff Reporter

    The National Policy on Education of 1968 and 1986 were framed with the objective to foster a national identity and kept in mind the social purpose of education. These features are conspicuously absent from the draft policy of 2016.

    "Issue - Education Goals Date - 15th May 2018"

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