Post Harvest Technological Aspects of Antarctic Krill



This paper deals with investigations on post-harvest processing of Antarctic krill caught on board FORV Sagar Sampada from the Southern Ocean between 57° 53’- 61° 13’ S and 31° 40’ – 36° 31’ E. Studies were conducted to determine the biochemical composition of Antarctic krill and also quality changes during its frozen storage. Various value added products were also prepared from Antarctic krill to check the acceptability of products prepared from these underutilised species. The chemical composition of krill was similar to the other related crustacean species. Fluoride content in the shell was found to migrate (up to 44 per cent) to the meat on frozen storage after three months. The lipids in the krill meat were rich in C18:1, C20:5, and C22:6 fatty acids. Protein of krill meat appeared to be balanced in its amino acid composition. All the essential amino acids were in adequate amounts. Drying trials showed that good quality dried krill could be prepared by blanching and drying.


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