Transforming Lives With Science

The current edition of Geography and You is a special issue on celebrating ten years of Ministry of Earth Sciences (MoES). The magazine was released on July 27, 2016 which is the foundation day of MoES. Dr. K J Ramesh, Advisor and Head, Atmospheric Science and Services, MoES is our guest editor for this issue. This publication is a candid microcosm of some of the efforts that MoES is making towards transforming the lives for the better for multitude of Indians through the use of science. G’nY has been following developments in the MoES and brings you a special issue on various activities that mark its life-changing efforts. Publishing this issue has been most awarding for G’nY and gave us the opportunities to interact with many stalwarts of the scientific domain.


The proliferating rate of farmer suicides urges for an imperative need to shield the susceptibility of the Indian farmers against natural hazards and securing their credit eligibility for the next season. Existing Government insurance schemes are labyrinths of complexity that are more appalling than appealing. An agricultural insurance aimed at individual farmer's needs could be the answer to thousands of farmers committing suicides every year.

The Panchayat

The special issue on the efficacy of panchayati raj systems (G'nY November-December 2014) in India provides valuable insights into new areas of development and progress. It is a heartening research document that has a wide range of invaluable articles highlighting the positives, alongside the challenges our unique grassroots system throws up. The features range from a dialogue on panchayat revenues by Manish Gupta, and social audit by George Mathew, to education and disaster management by the panchayat contributed by Tanu Shikha Arya and Mahi Pal. Nupur Tiwari and N Sivanna have succinctly presented women leadership in the panchayati raj institutions and shortfalls therein. The wholesomeness of the issue is in its digitization sections, which carries lead articles by Avtar Singh Sahota and Nirmala.