We have revised our subscription processes keeping in mind the demands from our readers over the years. We have introduced a new feature called ‘E-Access’ which is thought to benefit a lot of our users. Following are the ways you can get access to our content: -

  1. Print / E-Mag Subscription: -

    To subscribe for our print editions and e-mag, please refer to the link provided below.
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  3. E-Access Subscription:-(This feature is coming soon)

    G’nY, in their newly launched website has introduced a new feature wherein we are allowing readers to get online access to our exclusive articles on our website itself without waiting for us to send you a hard copy of the magazine.

    Earlier we used to provide online access for the whole magazine, but now we have all the articles desegregated so that the readers can choose what they want to read. They will not be limited to read the articles which are in the magazine only.

    We have started online subscriptions where the readers can pay for what and how many they want to read.

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