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Surface Water Storage and Disasters – Damn Failures and flooding in extreme event scenarios

New Delhi, September 3 (G’nY News Service): India has a long history of damn failures.The Kaddam Project Dam, Adilabad, Andhra Pradesh built in 1957-58, collapsed in the later part of 1958, as it was unable to hold flood waters that breached sections of the damn leading to its failure. The Kaila Dam, Kachch, Gujarat constructed between 1952 – 55 collapsed in 1959. The same was the fate with the Kodaganar dam, the Macchu II Dam, the Nanaksagar Dam, the Panshet Dam, and the list goes on.

As per the CWC, dam safety is considered as an inherent function in the planning, design, construction, maintenance and operation of dams. It has been observed that dam safety particularly of the existing dams, are not receiving adequate attention even as the existing dams are aging. Most of these dams were constructed using the standards and criteria prevalent at that time and either may not be safe under today’s technology and know how or may not be acceptable to the present society which has become more aware of its rights and needs of absolute safety in terms f life and property.


According to experts there is an urgent need to push a bill on dam safety so as to create a mechanism for surveillance, inspection and operation of all dams to ensure safe functioning.


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