Our Training

GIS Training

With several years of experience in GIS training for various professionals, faculty and students, we are now offering composite GIS, remote sensing, and GPS training services to develop critical spatial understanding. Training for GIS / GPS related tools, programme headed by Dr. Ashok Kumar Malik, Former Director, National Atlas and Thematic Mapping Organisation (NATMO), Kolkata. During his long career, he was a research officer, deputy director, joint director and finally the director of National Atlas & Thematic Mapping Organization (NATMO). Apart from this, he has been the national executive, vice and senior vice president of the Indian National Cartography Association, assistant secretary of Regional Science Association, chairman of Kolkata Chapter of Indian Society of Remote Sensing and the chairman of INCA Awards Selection Committee.

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Weather service training

Climate variability and change is dictating policies, especially in countries such as India where a shift in weather patterns would affect a large portion of its population. Towards this we have developed a robust short term training programme on the application of real time weather data. Working with many institutions at present, we have put in place a well-calibrated long term training for professionals, faculty and students, to augment their skills and build their capacity to analyse the climate data and arrive at guiding parameters for further research and creating an authentic data bank.

Training for Weather Related services, programme headed by Dr. Ajit Tyagi, Former Director General of India Meteorological Department (IMD). He is currently a member of the Monsoon Panel of World Meteorological Society (WMO), Permanent Representative of India with WMO and Working Group on Tropical Meteorology Research. Apart from this, he is Patron, India Water Foundation, IDC Foundation.

Pollution/Air quality Compliance training

With companies and enterprises rising need for compliance reports to fulfill stringent pollution norms imposed by the Indian government, the training in the subject area can hold great relevance for professionals in companies and consultancies. The short training will provide a quick understanding of how measurements are taken, along with commissioning of hands-on projects. Training on key areas such a Environmental Legal Framework and Organisation Responsibilities (Air Act, Water Act & Hw Rules), Applicable Rules and Regulation Under Various Environmental Acts and Issues on Regulatory Compliance and more.

Training for Air Quality, programme headed by Dr. B. Sengupta, Former Member Secretary, Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB) and served for thirty years in different capacities. Dr. Sengupta has represented India in many international meetings, seminars and workshops organized by UNEP, USEPA, WHO, World Bank, UNIDO and many others. He has published more than 250 technical reports while working in CPCB and also presented and published more than 50 papers in National and International peer reviewed Journals.