Fish-finding from Space: The Indian Journey

Photo courtesy: Roozbeh-Eslami

A concerted effort towards developing species-specific advisories for some important species that are commercially valuable but under exploited are being made by ESSO-INCOIS.

Abstract: The Potential Fishing Zones (PFZ) advisory provided by Hyderabad based ESSO-INCOIS has made a remarkable difference in the lives and livelihoods of the fishing community across the Indian coast. It has resulted in significant savings in terms of time, effort and fuel spent in looking for fish shoals, thus improving profitability and the socio-economic status of fisherpersons. This advisory is useful in the reduction of CO2 emissions too, indirectly contributing towards protection of the environment. This article provides an overview of the pathbreaking pfz technology that has set a milestone in the reliability of marine advisory and forecast services.

The authors are Scientist E , in-charge of Marine Fishery Advisory Services (MFAS) Programme; and, Project Scientist, MFAS Programme respectively, at ESSO-INCOIS. The article should be cited as Masuluri K. N. and Nimit K., 2020. Fish-finding From Space : The Indian Journey, Geography and You, 20 (6-7): 68-75.