Climate Change # Desertification

Ecosystem: Plant and Animal Adaptations in Hot Deserts

Desert ecosystem, is usually believed to be barren, but this fragile ecosystem supports numerous amazing living creatures, known for their adaptability.

Climate Change # Environment

Key Environmental Challenges: Causes and Impact

The key environmental challenges that the country faces relate to the nexus of environmental degradation with poverty in its many dimensions, and economic growth. These challenges are intrinsically connected with the state of environmental resources, such as land, water, air and their flora and fauna.

Climate Change # Ecology

Congress Grass: Biological Invader of Non Cropped Areas

Congress grass scientifically known as Parthenium Hysterophorus, a native of West Indies and Tropical America, has established itself all over India

Climate Change # Water

India’s 14 principal aquifers mapped

The understanding and real-time mapping of ground water aquifers in extremely important in the present context as the resource is increasingly turning scarce.

Climate Change # Policy

Top 5 green actions of India to mitigate climate change

Green actions of India is targeted towards putting the nation in the path of low carbon emission scenarios, which became especially relevant after India's ratification of the Paris Agreement.

Climate Change # Environment

Earth Hour – Switch off the lights, to brighten our future

On March 25, 2017, we are going to celebrate the tenth Earth Hour. In an effort to help you understand the need of this global event GnY brings you a succinct story.

Climate Change # Water

Water Scarcity, a Scary Reality. So Why Waste Water?

As we are celebrating World Water Day, a global event with a theme ‘waste water’, it is imperative for us to know the enormity of water scarcity in India

Climate Change # Forests

International Forest Day and Types of Forests In India

March 21 is celebrated as the World Forest Day to create awareness about forests and their importance in our lives. The theme this year is ‘Forests and Energy'.

Climate Change # Water

Ten Traditional Water Conservation Methods Still In Use

India has various kinds of terrain which is challenging prospect when it comes to water conservation. Here are ten traditional methods that are still used.

Climate Change # Environment

Venice on the brink of extinction due to Climate change

A latest report on effect of climate change on Mediterranean Sea region, signals devastating effect of climate change and predicts submergence of Venice.