The Koppen Climate Classification System

The Koppen climate classification system is a widely-utilized vegetation-based climate ...
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problems in nuclear energy

Why Environmentalists Fear Increase in Nuclear Energy Production

The Science of Nuclear Energy Nuclear energy represents the energy ...
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lake Vostok in Antarctica, vostok research station, microorganisms, sub glacial lake

Lake Vostok of Antarctica | What does it really reveal

Covering a total area of about 10,000 sq km, Lake ...
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protecting forest dwellers, tribals of india, rural india

Protecting Forest Dwellers as an Essential Part of Indian Forests

In February 2002, the Supreme Court of India passed an ...
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Canopy layer

Canopy Layers in Abundant Arboreal Forest Habitats

Forests are habitats where trees are usually the main form ...
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World Ozone Day Marks the thirtieth anniversary of Montreal Protocol

September 16 is celebrated as World Ozone Day every year ...
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ISRO satellite

ISRO Satellite Launch Failure After Thirty Nine Successful Ones

Reasons for launch failure ISRO’s satellite IRNSS-1H’s launch on August ...
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Decoding Pelagic Deposits

Decoding Pelagic Deposits | Red Clay and Oozes under the Ocean

What are pelagic deposits? Ocean deposits usually consist of unconsolidated ...
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The Albedo Effect and the Reflectance of Solar Heat

A measure of the reflectivity of a surface is called ...
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Hurricane Irma I Triple Hurricanes in the Atlantic Basin

Hurricane Irma The eye of hurricane IRMA passed over Bermuda ...
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What Divides Catchments Between Peninsular Rivers in India

In terms of geological divisions, peninsular rivers of India are ...
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hottest destinations in India

Top Ten Hottest Destinations in India

In selecting the hottest destinations in India we must keep ...
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Is Hurricane Harvey a Case of Climate Change

With rainfall still continuing over southeastern Texas, USA, The Guardian ...
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Top Ten Eastern flowing Rivers in India You Must Know About

The Abounding Indian Rivers  The landscape of India is plentiful ...
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The Yamuna Biodiversity Park | Example of Wasteland Restoration

Backdrop of Wasteland Restoration Wastelands are degraded lands where the ...
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right to privacy

Right to Privacy a Fundamental Right | Supreme Court Rules

In a path breaking decision, the Supreme Court ruled on ...
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energy mix

The Energy Mix Conundrum

Areliable supply of electrical energy is indispensable to a nation’s ...
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Understanding the Hadley Cell | The Single Cell Circulation

Heat is transferred from the equatorial to the polar regions ...
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total solar eclipse

Total Solar Eclipse of 2017 and New Learnings for Science

In what is being called the 2017 Great American Eclipse, ...
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most saline locations on Earth

Ten Most Saline Locations on Earth

The most saline locations on Earth contain salt, or sodium ...
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The Privacy Debate | Peculiarities of Culture and Individual Autonomy

The question of privacy arises most notably with the Aristotelian ...
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animal attacks

Animal Attacks | Signifying a Larger Need for Habitat Conservation

The animal attacks trajectory An elephant on the loose has ...
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Atmospheric optics

Pink Rainbows Appear in the United Kingdom

A pink rainbow was observed from parts of Western England ...
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Khichri Apps | ISRO made solar calculator clueless about MNRE SPIN

The solar rooftop backdrop and relevance of solar calculator India ...
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fire in Greenland

Fire in Greenland Has Perplexed Observers Worldwide

On July 31, 2017, satellites noticed a large column of smoke ...
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geological periods

Anthropocene Epoch | Geological Periods and Climate Change

Upcoming geological periods With climate change ruling the environment discourse, ...
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Wind Types | Why They are Not the Same at all Times

World wind types Ascertaining wind types is important to understand ...
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Ecological Communities

Concept counter | Understanding ecosystem services and ecological niche

Demystifying ecosystem services Food chains in ecosystems exist in the ...
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Forest Fire Monitoring

Putting in Place a Robust Tech Driven Forest Fire Monitoring for India

Forest fire is one of the threats to forest ecosystems ...
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Soil health

Mobile App for Soil Health Card for Farmers linked through the Satellite

Innovations in agricultural technologies and management have led to rapid ...
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limestone caverns

Stunning Limestone caverns | Debating how they were ever formed

Have you ever visited the Son Doong Cave in the ...
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