Lonar: The Impact Crater

Photo Courtesy: Author
Panoramic view of Lonar showing elevated rim developed due to asteroid impact. The brackish water lake is developed at the central depression.

Abstract: The Lonar in the Buldhana district of Maharashtra, formed due to the impact of a meteorite on the Deccan basalt, is geologically unique. It is the only pristine impact crater that was formed in basaltic rocks. The impact crater is also historically significant with valuable archaeological archives. The crater and its surroundings are of interest to geologists, historians as well as to those who enjoy viewing such spectacular trysts of nature.

The author is  Alexander von Humboldt Post Doctorate Research Fellow from University of Freiburg, Germany. amar@daad-alumni.de. The article should be cited as Agarwal A. 2019. Lonar – The Impact Crater, Geography and You, 19(25 & 26): 70-77