The Cliffs of Varkala

Photo Courtesy: Anvita Shukla

The Varkala cliff composed of a hard lateritic top and sandstone overlooks a beach and the Arabian sea beyond. It is considered a sacred site by the Hindus. The Varkala formation was declared a geoheritage monument by the Geological Survey of India in 2015.

Abstract: The only cliff geoheritage site recognised as a National Geological Monument—the Varkala lies about 55 km northwest of Thiruvananthapuram in Kerala. The linear wave-cut cliffs and beaches have a vibrant cultural heritage and serve as a major tourist attraction. However, unmanaged anthropogenic activity and intense erosion are pushing the cliffs landwards.

The authors are with the Department of Geography, University of Delhi, New Delhi. The article should be cited as Anand S. and V. Saluja, 2019. The cliffs of Varkala, Geography and You, 19(25 & 26): 42-49