Ocean Data and Information System ODIS

Photo courtesy: Patrick_Worldwide

The Ocean Data and Information System (ODIS) was conceived at ESSO-INCOIS to overcome the difficulties in handling the heterogeneous data and its dissemination.

Abstract: A geographic information system (GIS) based application Ocean Data and Information Systems (ODIS) was designed, developed and implemented at ESSO-INCOIS for easy dissemination of data and data products. It is an open source platform for publishing spatial data with interactive mapping applications on the web. MySQL serves as the backend database. This article presents storage, organisation details and data visualisations pertaining to oceanographic data. ODIS is set as an end-to-end system comprising acquisition of data from heterogeneous oceanographic platforms, processing and integration, quality controlling and disseminating for research and development.

The authors are Scientist E, Ocean Observations and Data Management Group (ODG); Senior Scientist and Head, Training and Programme Planning and Management Group (TPG); Senior Scientist and Head, ODG; and, Director; respectively at INCOIS. venkat@incois.gov.in. The article should be cited as Shesu R.V., T.V.S.U. Bhaskar, E.P.R. Rao and S.S.C. Shenoi, 2020. Ocean Data and Information System, Geography and You, 20(6-7): 32-35